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My Image Collage Generator is a Windows Forms application that uses a force-based algorithm to create tessellating patterns of images – the idea being that you can assemble a set of images of varying sizes and aspect ratios, and arrange them nicely on a canvas without having to place them manually.

I created this application primarily to demonstrate another use for force-based algorithms, however, its usefulness extends to producing aesthetically-pleasing arrangements of image thumbnails, which can be used for artistic, illustrative and summary purposes.


  • Configure background colour (including transparent backgrounds)
  • Various canvas sizes supported
  • Choose between uniform and random initialisation
  • Optional soft edges on images
  • Preview several layouts before selecting one to render
  • Show the layout algorithm as an animation
  • Select ‘featured images’ which appear larger in the montage
  • Save the resulting montage as a PNG image

Demonstration Video


Version 1.0

Executable (160KB)
Source code – Visual Studio 2012 project (180KB)

One thought on “Image Collage Generator

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    Loved this nicely done utility. Was able to customize to do a 4000×4000 montage with just fixed sized tiles for the back cover of my family photobook.


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