This section is where I showcase fully-developed concepts which have matured into complete pieces of software. Unlike the ongoing articles in my blog, which are mainly snippets and partial applications, my projects represent finished software that is ready for download and use.

Where possible (and practical), I will include the source code, however the focus will be on the consumable aspects of each project.

If you wish to show your appreciation for my software, I invite comments and will also provide a link for donations.

My Software


An add-on for Windows Media Center for browsing the local network and copying files to media libraries on the local machine. Supports password-protected shares, stores (encrypts) credentials and queues downloads. Queued items can be cancelled, completed items can be played and failed items can be retried.

Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit

Image Collage Generator

An application that uses a force-based algorithm to arrange image thumbnails on a page, creating a decorative collage.

Windows 7/8

ABA/Cemtext Validator

An SDK for reading, writing and validating ABA/Cemtext files, used to send bulk payment instructions to Australian banks and financial institutions. Includes a sample app for validating ABA files.

.NET Framework 4.0