Preventing multiple instances of an application from running at the same time is a common requirement, especially for business software. By limiting to a single instance of an application per machine, the task of managing network connections, local and remote resources, client sessions and licensing requirements is greatly simplified. An additional advantage is that it… Continue reading

In the last instalment, we looked at building a list control for Media Center. This introduced the ModelItem class, which is the basis for building the Model/View-Model in a Media Center application. With a reasonable amount of MCML now under my belt, I am shifting focus to the add-in itself. This article is designed to… Continue reading

Explains how to host Preview Handlers (COM interface IPreviewHandler) in Windows Forms applications. Preview Handlers are used by Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook to display embedded previews of documents and media files. You can download a custom control that will automatically look up the correct Preview Handler in the Registry, load it and preview a file. Continue reading