This page lists people who have expressed interest in this blog and its content. These are individuals who took the time to write me an e-mail or leave useful/constructive comment on one of my articles.


  • 2018/01/14 – Jeff Valair – Drop-Down Controls
    Jeff (of Blue Sky Booking) has used by GroupedComboBox in a commercial application, and very kindly made a donation to support the ongoing development of my controls.


  • 2015/03/27 – Sebastien Bossu – TOM Classes for .NET
    Sebastien (of Ogee Group) expressed interest in my .NET wrappers for the Text Object Model (TOM) and encouraged me to extend support to TOM 2. He then used some of the new features introduced in Windows 8 as a basis for translating between different types of markup for mathematical expressions. He also kindly donated for my services.