mcNetworkCopymcNetworkCopy is an add-on for Windows Media Center for browsing the local network and copying files to media libraries on the local machine. Supports password-protected shares, stores (encrypts) credentials and queues downloads. Queued items can be cancelled, completed items can be played and failed items can be retried.


  • Background download manager (can navigate elsewhere and play media while files are copying)
  • Queue-based downloading; selecting additional files does not result in concurrent transfers (as with Windows Explorer)
  • Configurable startup location (if files frequently come from the same computer/share)
  • Prompts for credentials when accessing password-protected shares
  • Stores credentials (with RSA encryption)
  • Select individual files or [*.*] to copy all files in a directory (non-recursive)
  • Displays destination folders associated with Media Libraries
  • Allows creation of subdirectories within media folders
  • Lists recently completed items; successfully-copied files can be played, cancelled/failed items can be retried
  • At any time, the current item or entire download queue can be cancelled


File browsing Entering credentials Choosing destination Downloading

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit are supported)
  • Media Center
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or newer
  • Source code requires the Windows Media Center SDK, version 6.0


Current Version: 1.0

mcNetworkCopy (Installer) – 468KB
mcNetworkCopy (Source Code) – 682KB

Disclaimer: This software is provided (free) on an as-is basis, with no warranty, no support and no liability for damage.

Development Blog

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6 thoughts on “mcNetworkCopy

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    Hi Brad ,

    i try to check out your plugin. Installation is running with no probs.
    But after the installation i get no new entry/ icon in the library.
    i also didnt find any new tile.

    System is W7 32 Bit SP1 German.


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      Do you have the Media Center SDK installed? I could not determine whether it was a prerequisite or not. If you don’t currently have the SDK installed, please download and install it, then re-run the installation for mcNetworkCopy. If it does turn out to be a prerequisite, I will update the installation package.

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    yes i have installd the SDK. Its my Dev machine.
    I have another test sytem, i will test it later on this machine.

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    I would like to translate your add-in, from English to French. I change many strings in the sources code. How can I rebuild the add-in, to install it to WMC?
    Is it possible to set a localization file, containing all translated string?

    Thanks for all work you’ve done. It seems to be a very very good add-in.

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      Thanks for the interest in my add-in 🙂 It’s quite exciting to read that you want to translate it into French.

      I did not design the add-in for internationalisation, so unfortunately all the strings are hard-coded. You would need to create a satellite assembly (as a separate Class Library project in the solution) which includes localised versions of all the .mcml files. You would have to factor out any strings hard-coded in the .cs files in a similar manner, placing the English strings in the main project and adding equivalent French strings to the satellite assembly. I’ve never attempted this myself, but this is a good place to start: Creating Satellite Assemblies.

      To build: Firstly, make sure you’ve installed the Media Center SDK v6.0. Build the 3 projects in the Solution file (Visual Studio 2010) and then run the setup.exe file to install the add-in in Windows Media Center. (Note: Media Center must not be running when you do this.)

      Please let me know if you have any success in the translation. I would be happy to host the French version here on my blog.

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        It’s my first time with C# and .NET framework, I’ll try to do my best to internationalize your add-in. By the way. I think It could be good that the user can rename the file before copying it. I’ll try to add this in the same time I make the internationalization… I send you new comments when I have success, or if I need some help or explanation.


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