Thank you!

At the time of writing, my ComboTreeBox control is the most popular item on this blog. I never could have imagined that a simple Windows Forms control would attract so much attention on the web! All I can say to those who have read my article and downloaded my code is, “Thank you!” Your continued support gives me the motivation to keep writing new and interesting content.

New Project Page

With this in mind, i’ve decided to move both ComboTreeBox and GroupedComboBox to their own project page here: Drop-Down Controls

This gives them a permanent home and makes it easier for me to manage occasional updates and new features. As before, you can download binaries and source code for the controls, as well as an example application that shows off their potential.

New Enhancements

This reshuffling has given me an opportunity to release a few bugfixes, including a memory leak in the Buffered Paint code.

Normal ComboTreeBox ComboTreeBox with ShowCheckBoxes set

I also took the opportunity to enhance the ComboTreeBox control by adding a ShowCheckBoxes property. In this mode of operation, the normal selection rules are suspended and checkbox glyphs are drawn beside each node. You can then select multiple items, accessible via the CheckedNodes property. This is further aligns the functionality offered by the control with that of the built-in TreeView control.


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