Continuing the series of articles on Media Center development, this post introduces a command button with the standard Media Center look-and-feel: A Command Button Last time, we looked at a UI element for a page title. That was a good example of a non-interactive element. To get any real functionality in an add-on, we will… Continue reading

Last time, I gave a broad overview of the Windows Media Center SDK and introduced my (then-nameless) first add-on, mceNetworkCopy. This instalment (and the next few) of my series on developing for Media Center covers the controls and visual elements needed for the add-on. Where possible, i’m trying to match the standard look-and-feel of Media… Continue reading

Introduces a custom Windows Forms control that resembles a ComboBox with a TreeView for its drop-down portion. Explains how the control is implemented, extending Control and using visual styles to paint the main part of the control, then using ToolStripDropDown and custom rendering to create the tree and popup. Supports images, sorting, scrolling and paths. Full source code provided. Continue reading