In the last instalment, we looked at building a list control for Media Center. This introduced the ModelItem class, which is the basis for building the Model/View-Model in a Media Center application. With a reasonable amount of MCML now under my belt, I am shifting focus to the add-in itself. This article is designed to… Continue reading

In the last post, I introduced a command button for use in Media Center add-ons. In doing so, I demonstrated the idea of input focus, Command objects and rules to dictate behaviour and data-binding. All of these concepts are transferrable to this instalment’s topic: A List Control (with Selected Item Tracking) A simple way of… Continue reading

Last time, I gave a broad overview of the Windows Media Center SDK and introduced my (then-nameless) first add-on, mceNetworkCopy. This instalment (and the next few) of my series on developing for Media Center covers the controls and visual elements needed for the add-on. Where possible, i’m trying to match the standard look-and-feel of Media… Continue reading